Monday, April 25, 2011


That's so much better with the colour space conversion back to sRGB.
This is the first fully manual shot of a true stranger. Idiot here kept forgetting to check the ISO and WB. Started out taking outdoor shots of the dogs in the window using ISO800 and fluro WB. Finally realised and fixed it, then left it on daylight for indoors. I also shot straight into the light from the window until it hit me that I should sit on the window ledge and shoot inwards. It really is too much to think about all at once.
I was taking shots of the dogs in the window when Jim, whose card describes him as a dog translator, rode up on his bike, said hang on a bit, I'll unlock and you can get some better ones from inside. Not too unhappy with them, even if they are blue, not sure how much of that is the WB and how much is the blue and white of the interior. Forgot to ask the dog's name.

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