Friday, January 7, 2011


Marilyn was grabbing a quick lunch at the next table to me. Told her to keep eating but had the usual problem of not being able to focus. The only ones in focus are when she's still. The ones I wanted to use are blurred. Wanted to try and erase the red pole on the right but can't find anything in the programs I've got (Picassa, Zoom browzer Ex which is the Canon one, and HP Image Zone Plus) - any suggestions or do I need to give in and get Photoshop?

Sharpened shot for comparison (no other adjustments)

Ann: trusting the tribe to play the ball not the man, conjures images out of the misty smoke of the fire blazing in the centre of the ring of teepees:

Julie: rises to her haunches beside the fire and feels the powerful magic in her palm; as the Big Chief of the Apache Nation smiles benignly - toothache does that to a man - she tosses the tribal crystals into the blazing fire ... and Geronimo:

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