Friday, January 7, 2011


Alison and Davina, two school friends, were on a quest to find and play all the Sydney Festival pianos in the city. I met them in Cook and Phillip Park. At first Alison was playing while Davina sang, then they both sang while she played. It was just beautiful. Alison could really play and she'd only been playing for two years, but she did say that she practices a lot. For an explanation of why the pianos are scattered round the city see Julie's Sydney Eye.

These are the rejects. I was going to use the other close up but a) couldn't decide between colour or b&w and b) even though she isn't looking at the camera there is something I like about the other shot. The third shot is very much my comfort zone. Unfortunately the close ups are a little blurred, not sure if she moved, I shook a little, or its the camera.

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